Vijnana Bharati or VIBHA, previously known as Swadeshi Science Movement, is a non-profit organization in India that works for the popularization of sciences in a nationalist manner. Its main aim is to rejuvenate the Swadeshi Movement in this age of science and technology for the purpose of national reconstruction.

Swadeshi Science Movement was started in Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru) by a few eminent scientists under the guidance of Prof. K I Vasu. This movement gradually gained momentum and emerged as an organization with national presence. In 1991(Oct 20-21) at the Nagpur meet, it was decided, to launch the Swadeshi Science Movement at all India Level and named it as Vijnana Bharati. The foundation principle of VIBHA are:
To start a vibrant movement for the development of Swadeshi Sciences.As a dynamic Science Movement with a Swadeshi Spirit, interlinking traditional and modern sciences on the one hand, and natural and spiritual sciences on the other hand.
To create a Swadeshi Movement with modern sciences adapted to national needs.

Now Vijnana Bharati has units in 32 states across the country and contacts in all states.It has 42 registered prant units covering all over India and abroad. It is working in 11 different areas through autonomous institutions, independent organizations & also as project entities.The current President of Vijnana Bharati is Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar and National Organizing Secretary is Jayant Sahasrabudhe.