Vigyan – Gaon Ki Aur is an outreach skilling program for the rural people in nearby rural areas of CSIR-CEERI Pilani. The primary focus will be on technology awareness, demonstration and popularization, along with skilling of rural folk on technologies developed by CSIRCEERI. The program, Vigyan – Gaon Ki Aur, will be a one-week program, conducted throughout the year on a continual basis targeting the Gram panchayats of Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan, initially. It is strongly felt that proactive outreach programs are required for proliferation of science and technology to the rural areas. Also the R&D work done by CSIR Labs that touches the rural life needs to taken to their doorstep through awareness campaign and their  popularization through demonstration. It is also felt that the main hurdle for skill training in villages is of reaching out, educating and motivating the rural youth, and eventually creating job opportunity 2 for them. This becomes even more pertinent for the post-pandemic economic recovery of the country. In this direction, CSIR-CEERI has taking this initiative through this  programme, Vigyan – Gaon Ki Aur, i.e., taking science towards the villages. To implement the programme, a Mobile Science Van will be procured/ assembled that will be equipped with Products/Technologies developed by CSIR-CEERI in recent times. The technologies such as on Motor, Pump, Solar Tree/Lamp, LED Lamp, RO Water assembly, Milk/Food Adulteration etc.  will be showcased as these directly impact the rural life and their livelihood. The products/technologies will be demonstrated and popularized through this outreach programme. Also the  youth from a village cluster under a Gram panchayat would be given the skill training on technologies developed by CSIR-CEERI. We plan to take up the nearby villages/ Gram panchayats of Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan, initially. The programme is to be formally launch on the upcoming National Science Day on February 28.